February 20th 2013 

This is my THIRD time making a tumblr, oh boy okay lets try this again. The first time was a success, had it for over two years and was the best distraction yet. I had plenty of personal posts, pictures, and overall beautiful pictures from the world of tumblr. After the first month of the new year, tumblr just wasn’t the same anymore. I couldn’t even go on the website without wanting to bawl my eyes out. The person who first showed me about tumblr has passed on and it just wasn’t the same. You see, he was the only person who actually knew and understood who I really was. Not even my parents can say the same. But this amazing boy never judged me, instead he helped me in so many ways and now no one’s listening anymore. Tumblr felt quiet and lonely. It had never seemed so before. So, I deleted it and a few weeks later started a new one! The 2nd tumblr became too overwhelming and I didn’t want to deal with it anymore. But this time, I’ve realized I needed it. For my own reasons. To feel better. I’ve battled depression for a little more than two years now. I’m still trying to rid of it and every day I feel closer to feeling better. Yet, everyday is still a battle. Anyways, I’m Catelyn. My middle name is Arizona (hence the username). Desire to call me either. 

BASICALLY, this is a welcome to my virtual journal/diary. If I know you in person please don’t discuss any of my thoughts with me anywhere elsewhere from tumblr. Thank you for following me on my journey :)image